Aucter's Scathing Critique

As a young Gropaga, Aucter was frail of body and could not serve the great Lord Inglip as a member of the Grisidly Army, and so he wished to become a great Pharmacist in order to serve his master in a way which was more suited to his talents. Years passed, and eventually Aucter was regularly supplying Dectrip troops with all of the medication that they needed and keeping them fighting far longer than they would have otherwise been able.

However, Aucter's tale is not a happy one. Many of the drugs which he prescribed were made in Dectrip factories, but others needed to be scavenged from ruins or enemy facilities, and so it was that one day the Gropagas brought Aucter a supply of hyaluronic acid which they had found in the wilderness. Aucter, busy with many other projects, declared the substance to be fit for consumption, and began prescribing it to those he thought to be in need of it. However, it was soon revealed that those who had taken it were suffering terrible fevers and being slain by their enemies with ease. It was never discovered whether this was a ploy by Inglip's many enemies or simply an accident, but nevertheless, Aucter felt responsible and ashamed and so hid, failing to attend his monthly evaluations. Thus, Inglip gave a Gropaga the task of seeking out Aucter and critisizing him. The Gropaga, delighted to be given such a simple task, asked Lord Inglip how Aucter should be critisized. Inglip replied "dishiss hyaluronic". The Gropaga then sought out Aucter and said to him "Your hyaluronic sucks!".

Upon hearing these words, Aucter fell to his knees and wept openly. His fate after this remains unknown.

source comic

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