Atensar Tedgera and Tratiche Andemout were two rival gropagas who had bickered for years over which one of them was superior. After the bickering grew to be too much, they made the voyage to Tiongraf and asked Inglip himself to mediate their dispute.

Inglip immediately replied that he preferred Andemout. Feeling betrayed, Atensar argued that a test of skill, might, or loyalty would be a more accurate way of determining whether he or Tratiche was the better servant. Inglip begrudgingly accepted, and ordered the rivals to demonstrate their loyalty and might by "post-aborting" and bringing him the body of a Yadvan infant, Ofari.

The two adversaries immediately mounted their black, red-eyed horses and set out for the land of the Yadvans. It is not known how the duo managed to find her, but Atensar and Tratiche, armed with wire coat-hangers, set upon a pregnant Yadvan woman while yelling that Inglip demanded her son's blood.

It is not known which of the two succeeded in bringing the infant's corpse back to Inglip.

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