This page tells of the creation and the order of creation of the gods.

Inglip: #1-Tier 1Edit

The first god to be summoned was Inglip. By far the most powerful god, Inglip's summoning started of this whole thing.

Oxallo #2-Tier 3Edit

The second god to be summoned, Oxallo was simply a troll and was the subject of much of the early dectrip's attacks.

Chydrego #2-Tier 2Edit

In the absence of a tangible enemy, Chydrego came about and quickly gained a following. Chydrego is currently the main force against Inglip.

Leanex #3-Tier 2Edit

Another god, Leanex was wildly successful for a while then lost a large proportion of his following.

Inglex #4-Tier 3Edit

Created in a similar way to Leanex, Inglex was unsuccessful due to Being to similar to Leanex, but not having as much lore.

Shaskel #5-Tier 2Edit

Recently the second fastest growing god, Shaskel is one of the most evil gods, with the aim of taking over the world.

Conohned #6-Tier 3Edit

A less followed god, Conohned is surprisingly powerful, as many famous people follow him. He has some of the most popular lore, and has one of the fastest growing followings of any god.

Daniss #7-Tier 4Edit

A very unsuccessful god, Daniss holds sway over only 10 people and remains completely inactive.

DL'GOKN #8-Tier 3Edit

Surpassing Shaskel in evilness, DL'GOKN's aim is to kill everything, including it's own followers. Growing to 51 followers from nothing in a mere 2 months it is the fastest growing god.

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